Support Local College Fairs

Chapter members can view the upcoming college fair schedule here.

Details on Student Events that ALL are invited to attend are available here.

Would you like to make an impact by encouraging high school students to attend Penn State? We're looking for Penn State grads to volunteer for upcoming college fairs. Spend some time talking with potential students and their parents to let them know your best memories from having attended Penn State (the Creamery, for instance!).


As an alumni volunteer with the office, you are able to attend college fairs and prospective student receptions (ran by the university) that are in your area! All you have to do is watch the training video to learn the Do's and Don't s of a college fair, familiarize yourself with how to conduct a college fair, know the code of conduct and more!

Below is the video, password for access, and code of conduct:

  1. First: Watch the training video
  2. Second: Complete the Code of Conduct
  3. Third: Reach out to Mark Naidoff
  4. Fourth: You become "active" and your territory manager will send you a list of upcoming fairs in your area that you can volunteer for.
  5. Fifth: Receive an admissions polo, name tag and supplies for the fair in the mail if you volunteer to help out.

The Alumni Admissions Committee helps Penn State recruit qualified undergraduate students from the Chicagoland area by speaking with college-bound students and providing information to local high schools.  If you are interested in recruiting, you must complete the online training module and sign the code of conduct upon completion of the training. 
Alumni Admission volunteers attend a college fairs and share with prospective students how great Penn State is! Autumn college fair season runs from September through November, and the spring season occurs March through May. Chapter members interested in more information can contact our Parent Student Liason, Mark Naidoff

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