If you have received an email about local Chapter membership renewal, disregard. It is an automated email sent out by the system used to manage memberships. Please see the message below about the upcoming changes to local Chapter memberships.


To become a PSU Chicago Member for the 2022 Year, please join the Penn State Alumni Association 

Starting July 1st, 2022, the Penn State Alumni Association will be moving to a new membership model meant to enhance the experience of Penn State Alumni Association Members.  The model is called One Membership and it will allow Penn State Alumni Association Members to attend events at any Local Chapters

of the Penn State Alumni Association (e.g. Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc.).  In order to achieve this, the Penn State Alumni Association has requested that all Local Chapters stop accepting/renewing memberships.  

What does that mean for Penn State Chicago Members?

This new membership model means you will no longer have to join the Penn State Chicago Chapter directly by paying additional dues. As long as you have an

active membership (Annual, Lifetime, etc) with the Penn State Alumni Association, you will be a Chicago Chapter Member. When you join or renew your membership with the Penn State Alumni Association, you will be assigned a Local Chapter Membership using your geographical location.

Follow this link to join/renew your Penn State Alumni Association membership. 

We understand this is a new concept and you may have questions.  Please contact us with any questions you may have about the One Membership Model.

Resources:  One Membership Press Release | PSUAA One Membership FAQ